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17 Interesting Ways to Make Money on YouTube

There is no doubt that YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming platform with more than 2.3 billion users worldwide. But did you know that YouTube is also the second most used search engine after Google? Well, you can now see that, right? Because most of us here spend a lot of time searching videos either on Google or on YouTube. 

Since you are here, we presume that you nurture some passion for becoming a YouTuber one day. Or, maybe you are quite an influencer already and wish to expand your horizon and look at every opportunity YouTube can provide. If it is accurate and you are solely here because of that reason, you haven’t lost any time. 

For you, we have made a list of 17 interesting ways to earn money on YouTube. These methods will take you beyond the limits and conventions on the site. 

Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

What way first comes to your mind when you talk about YouTube earnings? Isn’t it the YouTube ads? Most YouTubers think that it is the easiest way to earn money on YouTube. But, for one thing, it is not the only way. However, we will start with ads and then move to other interesting ways to earn money on YouTube. 

  1. YouTube Ads

The most basic way to earn money on YouTube is from its ads. With more than 2.3 billion users worldwide, YouTube is a massive market for advertisers to gain some attention. A study tells that more than 90% of people say that they come to know about a new product or brand from YouTube only. It is not a mere coincidence, but a fact!

YouTube pays well for ad views. In its AdSense policy, Google mentions that it keeps 45% of all ads and gives you 55% remaining to consume. A thorough calculation of such division says that you get around $2 to $4 for every 1000 views on your channel. Well, it may not seem that much. But if you can hold 1000 views on all your videos, you can easily earn $3000 to $5000 a month. 

As you keep growing with your viewers, this revenue will increase as well. The best part of YouTube ads is that you don’t have to put that much effort. Instead, you can sit and rest while your video keeps earning. But, there is a down point as well. YouTube does not put ads on unpopular videos. Meaning you have to work hard to enlarge your circle. Also, you have to be consistent to keep the viewers intact. 

YouTube may also demonetize your videos. So, it is better to know some tips to avoid demonetization on YouTube. More or less, YouTube ad is a decent way to earn money on YouTube.

  1. Affiliate Marketing 

There is no need to mention how affiliate marketing is always a good idea to generate income. YouTube is potentially capable of bringing you what you want. So, affiliate marketing is one of the best ideas to run on YouTube. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, let us open it up for you. 

Have you ever seen any YouTuber suggesting you buy some product from a link mentioned below? Or, have you ever listened to the YouTuber ask to download an app? We can bet most of you have seen this. So, why do they do it? They basically refer you to the page or the product and asks you to buy it. 

In return, they get a commission on the successful purchase of the product. So, their work is to convince you to buy something online. In return, they get to keep a certain amount of money. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to earn money on YouTube. You may have even seen blogs doing it. 

Starting an affiliate business on YouTube is one of the best ideas- why? Let us tell you.

  • Videos are a lot more convincing than written blogs. It keeps your audience intact and also boosts the conversion rate. 
  • You get to have an interactive session with your viewers 
  • It is easy and not related to YouTube.

So, with an affiliate business, you don’t have to rely on YouTube ads to get your pocket fill. You can register yourself at sites like Walmart, Amazon and get started. 

P.S. We have discussed Amazon affiliation later for a better understanding. 

  1. Product Promotion on YouTube

Did you know that 62% of businesses are now using YouTube as a platform to promote their business? Well, the number is quite demanding. Doesn’t it already tell how effective the search engine is for businesses? Affiliate marketing is great. But what if you have what you need in your home? 

Suppose you sell laptops. Your shop is in a remote location where the business is quite challenging. So, how do you make a profit? With the help of the internet, taking your business online is no big deal. But, you need a marketing plan to make it effective. And YouTube helps you in that. Think it in this way- if YouTube can help your affiliate products, why can’t it bring sales? 

Of course, it can. You can promote your products online as well. Reviewing products is not only an effective way for affiliate marketing but your business as well. For example, you can review one of the best laptops and then make people buy it from you. There will be no commission, but you get to keep the whole profit. 

  1. Divert YouTube Traffic to Your Website

What if your selling point is your website? What if you want people to see it? Yes, you can invest in advertisements and get noticed somehow. But, there is no better reach than something organic. People watch more than billions of hours of videos on YouTube. And how does that help you?

Such a huge number increases your chance of getting into the limelight. If you can make an impression on the viewers and your subscribers, you can direct them to your website. For example, Jake Paul is the second among the 9 richest YouTubers who have a website where he sells his merchandise. Yes, YouTube lets you sell merchandise- we will talk about it later. 

But the thing is that you can thus direct the crowd from YouTube to your website and increase the organic reach. Then you can sell or do whatever you want and keep earning money. 

  1. Look for Sponsorship

Although this method will require you to have considerable popularity on YouTube, it can actually earn you significant money. Wondering how? Sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to make money. Different businesses want their products to be advertised correctly. But opting for TV ads is not only costly but also has become less effective nowadays.

To be honest, who does watch TV that much? The breakthrough of the internet and YouTube have taken digital ads to the next level. Businesses do spend on their ads. But ads play it on their behalf. So, we often skip these ads to the main content. Sponsorship is when the person or the business is paying your money for their promotion. 

Haven’t you heard any YouTuber saying, “This video has been sponsored by ‘someone’?” Yes, sponsors pay your money to make a video on their behalf. The video here basically describes how their products can be helpful for people alike. 

For example, suppose an educational site is sponsoring you for the promotion of their app. You can make a short video showing how the app is helping you in your studies. Again, to gather sponsors, your channel has to have popularity. But, make sure that you don’t hide it from your viewers. Be honest and always let them know that your video is sponsored. 

  1. Sell Your Own Merchandise

It is not a bad idea to sell your brand merchandise on YouTube. If you want an example, know that PewDePie generates more than $6 million from his merch. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. Selling your brand merchandise on YouTube can instantly generate profit. You won’t have to wait for affiliates to pay you, or neither have to wait for ad money. 

But the hurdle here is that you have to become super popular on the site. Let’s be honest here- who would want to buy a merch of someone unknown? Will you ever invest your money in that? No, most people won’t. But if you are famous and have quite an influence over people, they might. 

Starting from hats, mugs to T-shirts, all that you will sell will have your branding. It may be some phrase you often speak or some character. People have to be mad about it. Famous influencer Dhar Man has 9.05M subscribers on YouTube. One of his most popular phrases is, “so you see…” Now, you will often find this phrase printed on his merch. 

So, work hard and make yourself famous for launching your merch on YouTube. 

  1. Sell Your Online Courses

Another efficient way of using YouTube to earn money is by selling online courses. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of home learning. Hardly any country had its schools, offices, or any other institutions open during the time. Instead, they focused more on online learning the offline more. 

So, if you have something to offer, YouTube might be the best platform for you. YouTube, with such a massive number of users, is an alluring platform for better reach. It lets you connect to a million potential audiences who would like to buy your subscription. For example, if you are good at digital art, you may start online coaching on this. 

Be a strategist and focus on marketing. You may use your artwork as a mode of promotion. Or, you can also show some of the efficient methods and ask them to subscribe to your plan for further guidance. A lot of well-known online learning platforms use YouTube for their promotion. 

They even use the platform to teach students the basics, keeping the premium part reserved for subscribers. So, what do you think? Let the knowledge spread through you. 

  1. Crowdfunding 

Have you ever thought about crowdfunding for some of your projects? If not, well, we must tell you that it’s one of the most efficient ways to earn money online. Let us explain to you in short- crowdfunding lets you fund your projects. In this process, your fans fund your projects. It can be a book, a web series, a movie, or anything that has meaning to them. 

Now, when you propose to them to fund your project, they will likely keep sending you money until you reach the goal. This money will help you build the project, but it will also be an extra income. Take the example of Cinemassacre, who is also known as Angry Video Game Nerd. It is a famous gaming channel with 3.49M subscribers on youtube. 

A few years back, the channel’s creator James Rolfe decided to make a film on the Angry Video Game Nerd character. So, he started crowdfunding with a goal of $75,000. But, he ended up receiving 4x more than the goal money. He got funding of $325,327.

So, while most YouTubers rely on YouTube ads for their primary income, using crowdfunding is not a bad idea. Plus, if you have loyal viewers and subscribers on YouTube who like your content, your chances are greater. 

  1. Online Consultation Services

Although it falls under the online service category, online counsellings are one of the best ways to earn money on YouTube. There are a lot of problems that need special attention from experts. 

Whether you are stuck at home due to a pandemic or far from your place, getting counseling is not always possible. Over that, the pandemic has made the situation more vulnerable. 

Therefore, people now seek online counseling. It can be educational, professional, or psychological. The fact that makes online counseling unique is that people don’t have to leave their homes and still get some guidance. 

You can post your promotional videos and give your viewers some tips on YouTube while giving them a broader advantage on subscribing to your package. 

  1. Arrange Physical Events

Everyone knows that physical events pay you well. If you are an event management team, using YouTube for your business may seem a great deal. Basically, you will use YouTube for the promotion of your events. For example, if you are an influencer on the site, you can ask your fans to gather for a celebration. 

You can invite other influencers as well. Or, you can call some famous band and gift your viewers an excellent evening. In return, there will be an entry pass that they may have to buy. For further promotion, you can hold a giveaway contest where the winners will get a free ticket. 

You can further gather sponsors and do other stuff to make it a grand success. Oh, here is a tip- if you have organized an event before, try to project that one as well. It will help you gather more attention. 

  1. Become an Amazon Influencer

Previously we already talked about affiliate marketing. We hope you understood how beneficial this could be. The reason behind mentioning Amazon’s affiliation is that Amazon is one of the biggest affiliates. 

Although their commission rates start from 4% to 10%, their service mainly satisfies your customers. Moreover, Amazon has a wide variety of products available on its site. Amazon is one of the most trusted e-commerce sites. 

So, people will be more inclined to buy something from this site. However, be honest while reviewing a product. Otherwise, if your reviewed products fail to satisfy your audience, they may soon stop seeing your videos. It will harm your business a lot. 

  1. Promote Your Brand

There are now a lot of companies focusing on their brand promotion on YouTube. YouTube videos can serve as your ad promotion. For example, you will find a lot of brands creating meaningful content on their sites. Now, as these ads go viral, they start gathering views traffic to their sites. 

This method is one of the proven ones. It not only brings you traffic but also increases your brand value. However, while making the video, focus more on the content. It should be meaningful and related to your brand. 

  1. Make Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are one of the most popular videos on YouTube. People spend a lot of time watching these videos without skipping anything. So, the best part is that tutorial videos get more watch hours than anything else. It paves the path to higher income from YouTube. 

Now, there is also another way to earn from these tutorials. For example, you can sell the products that you make online. Or, you can sell the materials. Also, YouTube tutorial videos qualify for ads. Thus, you can earn both from ads and your website by selling your own products. 

  1. Paid Channel-Based Membership Program

If you have quite a number of subscribers on youtube, and your videos are well viewed, you can start the YouTube membership program. This program lets your subscribers subscribe to a special membership for certain benefits. These benefits can be badges, early access to videos, premium access- all provided by you only. 

Channel-based membership on YouTube helps your channel a lot. You can offer different subscription packages and different benefits with each of those. For example, while the lowest subscription may offer your subscriber a privilege badge, he can see your videos earlier with the higher package.

But again, you have to be eligible to enable the channel membership program

  1. Create a TV/Web Series

Are you passionate about directing a movie or something? For people who dream of being a director or cinematographer, YouTube can be a boost to start their journey. YouTube is the largest visual platform with more than 2 billion users. And, most importantly, there is no barrier to what you can create. 

Thus, even though not a movie, you can start with a web series, maybe. You can direct as you wish. And if your viewers like it and subscribe to your channel, you can keep making more. It will bring you an experience, and also, you can get live comments from your audience. While your video will keep bringing money, you will keep learning from your mistakes. 

  1. Build Your Portfolio

YouTube is also a very prominent platform for actors to show their talents. If you are a passionate actor and want to pursue your career in acting, you can post videos or join other production houses on YouTube. You will find plenty of channels on YouTube making films or short videos every day. 

For example, the Dhar Mann channel makes a lot of short positive videos on YouTube. These videos feature many actors/new faces who are good. Joining such channels will help you build your portfolio. Also, these videos will attract the attention of directors who can value your talent and pay you well. 

  1. Focus on Your YouTube SEO

Lastly, YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. You cannot earn anything if people don’t watch your videos. So, while these methods are helpful to make money apart from just YouTube ads, without a good SEO, your chances will always stay low. 

Hence, make sure you keep the SEO part one of your priorities. Run good keyword research and follow a proper guide to metadata. It is where you can optimize your channel the best. 


Although most YouTubers depend on YouTube ads, there are many ways to earn money on YouTube. These 17 interesting ways to make money on YouTube are proven to be efficient. But one must also focus on the SEO part since it will bring viewers. 

Remember that you can only generate money from the site when you have many viewers or subscribers on YouTube. So, keep making quality content to keep your audience intact. That said, we would always like to hear your opinions on today’s topic. Stay safe and earn smart!

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