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How to React to Messages on Instagram

Rather than replying with an emoji, it is way easier to just react to someone’s message. Almost all the major messaging apps these days have this option, so does Instagram.

The feature was first introduced almost three years back in September 2020. If you have updated the app since then, you most probably already have the feature.

Earlier, the reaction was only limited to heart emojis, but thanks to Meta, now you can react to an Instagram message with a variety of emojis. You get a default set of reactions that you can easily customize.

So, if you are curious about how to react to messages on Instagram and more, keep reading.

How To Reply To A Message On Instagram?

When you are having a long conversation with someone, and you two are texting back-to-back, then having the option of selecting a message and replying to it saves you from any miscommunication.

Most of the Meta-owned platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram have added this option to enhance the user experience. This feature is available on their apps as well as web apps.

But if you haven’t tried it yet or don’t know how to reply to messages on Instagram, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

For App Users:

If you are using Instagram, Instagram Beta, or Instagram Lite app, then follow these steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the DMs section.
  2. Now open a chat and go to the message you want to reply to.
  3. Long press on the message and select reply. Or you can simply right-swipe on the message, and it will automatically take you to reply to it (swiping is not available for Instagram Lite users, so you can try the first option).

For Web-App Users:

If you are using Instagram on your PC and want to try this feature, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Instagram account and go to the messages section.
  2. Open a chat and go to the message you want to reply to.
  3. Once you hover your mouse pointer over the message you want to reply to, you should see a backward arrow sign, which is for replying.
  4. Click on that arrow, and you should be able to reply to that message.

How To React To Message On Instagram?

You may not always have something to say against a message but still want to react to it. In those situations, simply reacting to their message with an emoji is the best way out.

Then the Instagram messages reactions, or what many call the Instagram emoji reactions option, is what you must be looking for. Whether you are wondering how to laugh at an Instagram message or how to react to instagram messages with emojis, these are the steps you need to follow.

Again, this feature is available for both app and web-app users, so follow the respective sections.

For App Users:

Follow these steps if you want to know how to react to messages in Instagram app.

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to the DMs section.
  2. Go to the chat and then message to which you want to react.
  3. Tap and hold on to the message to react with the default emojis.

For Web App Users:

If you are using Instagram on your PC, follow these steps to use the Instagram DM reactions feature.

  1. Log into Instagram and go to your message section.
  2. Open a chat and then go to the message you want to react to.
  3. Hover over the message, and you should see a smiley face sign next to the message.
  4. Tap on the sign, and you should be able to reply with emojis.

How To Like Messages On Instagram?

Sometimes, laughing at or leaving a love reaction to a message might not seem appropriate and all you want is to give it a thumbs up. So, if you were wondering how do you like a message on Instagram, it is just like how you react to messages with emojis.

If you want to like a message on Instagram, all you need to do is react to the message with a thumbs-up emoji.

If you are using the app, then the thumbs-up emoji will be already shown in the default set of emojis. So, all you need to do is tap on it.

However, if you are using Instagram on PC, you’ll notice that there’s nothing such as default emojis. You will see the entire emoji gallery along with a section of your recently used emojis.

All you need to do is find the thumbs-up emoji and use it. If you’ve used it recently, it should reflect on your recently used emoji section, making your job easier.

Reacting With Any Emoji On Instagram

It can get boring to only react with the default emoji options Instagram gives you. Or maybe your favorite emoji isn’t there on the default emoji list, so what then?

Don’t worry; we won’t let you miss out on reacting with your funky and favorite set of emojis. So if you want to know how to react to a message on Instagram with any emoji of your choice, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Long press on a message, just as you’d do to react to a message.
  2. Tap on the plus icon at the end of the default emoji list.
  3. Now, the entire emoji gallery should be available to you, and you can choose any emoji you want.

But remember, you can’t alter or customize the default emoji list. So, by tapping on the plus sign every time, you’d be able to react directly to the message.

If you are using Instagram on PC, things would be less complicated than this as there is no default emoji list.


What are the different Instagram emoji reactions?

There is a whole list of different Instagram emoji reactions that you can use, and almost your entire emoji gallery is available.

But the default list includes heart, crying out of laughing, wow face, sad face with one tear, angry red face, and thumbs up emoji.

Can I customize my emoji reactions on Instagram?

No. You cannot customize the emoji reactions list on Instagram. However, by tapping on the add button, you can react to a message with any emoji you want.

Is there a way to undo a reaction on Instagram?

Yes, there is a way to undo a reaction on Instagram in case you have accidentally reacted to a message. Just tap on the message and then tap on the option of removing the emoji.

How do I like a message on Instagram?

To like a message on Instagram, the steps are pretty simple; you just need to long press on it and select the thumbs-up emoji.

Can I use third-party apps for unique reactions?

No, sadly, you can’t use a third-party app to give unique reactions on Instagram DMs. Till now, you can only use the emojis that are available in the app’s emoji gallery.


Hope you got the answer of how to react to Instagram messages and everything related to that. The feature is pretty straightforward, and the steps are almost the same as how you would do it on other Meta-owned apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

But not to forget, no matter how many different reactions you can give to a DM, the option for reacting on Instagram posts is still limited to love reactions. And we don’t see it changing any time soon, but no complaints, as it adds to the charm of the platform.

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