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5 Great Ideas For Your Posts On Facebook To Get More Likes

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Facebook is an absolute game changing platform, particularly for smart and savvy business owners looking to grow, looking to market effectively, and looking to capitalize on the flood of targeted traffic Facebook brings to the table.

At the same time, figuring out how to have success on Facebook is never as simple or as straightforward as it seems on the surface.

In fact, trying to crack the Facebook code can feel sometimes like an almost impossibility. Especially if you’re new to the game.

Armed with the inside information below, however, you’re going to be able to hit the ground running. With these five great ideas to get more likes on your Facebook content we touch on below you’ll be able to supercharge your results almost overnight.

Let’s dig right in!

Create MORE Content

Another great way to improve your odds of success on Facebook – especially when it comes to getting more Facebook likes – is to simply create a lot more content than you probably are right now.

This approach almost artificially gives you more chances to succeed. The more frequent you find yourself “up to back” with new content the better odds you are going to have of hitting a homerun.

This doesn’t mean that you should flood your Facebook page with as much content as possible, especially low quality content, but it does mean that you want to increase your output of quality and potentially viral content ASAP.

More stuff to like almost inevitably results in more likes!

Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

Another big piece of the puzzle for successful marketers on Facebook is figuring out a consistent posting schedule that your fans and your audience can learn and recognize.

Posting new content every Tuesday at 5 o’clock, for example, is going to be a lot more helpful to you than posting on Tuesday one week, Thursday the next, Sunday the week after that, and then back to Tuesday and maybe Wednesday the week that follows.

Really try to schedule things more consistently and you’ll be able to ingrain certain expectations in your Facebook audience. That alone is going to have them looking for your content drops on a regular basis, which means your engagement rates are up and you’re like count skyrockets.

Use Better Images

Facebook is such a visual medium that you have to make sure that your content is as visually compelling as humanly possible.

It’s critical to remember that ALL of your competitors are on Facebook, too. All of them are trying to fight for the same attention you are and all of them want to one up you, steal your customers, and build the kind of business they’ve been dreaming about – even if it means that you aren’t able to enjoy any real success.

The more visually arresting and interesting you make your content on Facebook the more attention it’s going to garner. Attention inevitably equals engagement on Facebook, and engagement almost always shows up on the “scoresheet” as more likes.

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Buy Facebook Page Likes to “Seed” Your Content

If you really want to guarantee your Facebook success right out of the gate, enjoying a serious head start over your competitors, and supercharge the kind of success you can enjoy on this social media giant it’s not a bad idea to simply buy Facebook Page likes outright to “seed” the kind of engagement you’re hoping for.

With a platform like ours here at PopularityBazaar you can buy Facebook likes for $5, flood your new page and content with as many likes as you want, and instantly gain the kind of following and Facebook celebrity/influence you need to get more organic likes later down the line.

The whole idea here is to really capitalize on the psychological principle of social proof.

Successful salespeople marketers, and business owners have long understood the power of social proof and how people rarely want to be the first person to try something out but will almost always “follow the herd” when they see other people really enjoying something.

By making the decision to buy Facebook likes for $5 you give your content immediate social proof. All of a sudden your page looks like it has a lot more activity, a lot more engagement, and a lot more interest – and that’s going to bring in a lot more organic activity, too.

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