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How to Buy 100000 TikTok Followers

Why to Buy 100000 TikTok Followers

You may want to make money through TikTok videos or use the platform to market your business or personal brand. Either way, having 100000 TikTok followers can help you in multiple ways. 

Here’s why you should buy them. 

To Participate in Ad Revenue Sharing Program 

TikTik Pulse is an excellent feature that takes content monetization to a new level. Brands can place ads on top content – and this is a great opportunity for creators. 

You can earn 50% of the revenue TikTok makes from ads. But you need 10000 followers and at least 5 videos in the last 30 days to be eligible for this ad revenue-sharing program.  

To Get Tips from Followers

Another reason to buy 100000 TikTok followers is to activate the platform’s Tips feature. It allows you to receive “rewards” from your viewers who like your content. 

As you can understand, it’s another way for creators to make money for their content on TikTok. Plus, viewers feel empowered as they can directly show you their support.  

To Gain Visibility and Credibility

TikTok is for more than just a content creator who wants to make money from videos. It’s a great marketing platform to promote your online/offline products, services, shop, etc.

Having 100000 TikTok followers can give your potential customers a sense of trust. Plus, more followers boost your chances of getting recommended on search results.  

Why PopularityBazaar is the Best Place to Buy TikTok Followers

PopularityBazaar is trusted by creators, business owners, and social media marketers alike. Here’s why you should choose this platform if you want to buy 100000 TikTok followers – 

1. Easy Purchase Process

To buy your followers, simply pick a package, provide your TikTok profile link, and complete the transaction. You’ll receive all your followers within a day!

2. Safe and Convenient Transactions

You can easily complete the payment using any major credit/debit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, etc.. And the payment gateway protects you from online theft or fraud. 

3. 24×7 Customer Care

Whether you’re about to make a purchase or have already done it, PopularityBazaar’s team is always an email away. It offers round-the-clock pre- and post-sale services.   

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Is It Safe to Buy at PopularityBazaar?

Yes, it is safe to buy at PopularityBazaar. Its site is SSL-secured – with a 128-bit variant protection to keep your data safe. Plus, the site doesn’t ask for your password or save your details to ensure complete security.

To get 100000 followers on TikTok, you must invest your time and creativity in making content your target audience wants to see. You must be consistent and interactive, too. To enhance these efforts, you can buy 100000 followers on TikTok.

Yes, you can buy any number of TikTok followers on PopularityBazaar through multiple packages. The site offers packages ranging from 50 to 7500 followers. Pick any combination to add 100000 or more followers to your account.

PopularityBazaar lets you buy 100000 TikTok followers at only $1469.86. That’s attractively cheap! But, you’ll need multiple packages. Ideally, you should buy 13 packages of 7500 followers at$1469.86 – with one package of 2500 followers at $39.99.

When you buy TikTok followers from PopularityBazaar, the site ensures that you get them within 24 hours. If the platform fails to deliver even a single follower less, it will compensate by adding more than you paid for.

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Super fast! Could not be happier!

November 10, 2020

Top notch service, keep it up!!! Worth any penny!!!

May 14, 2020

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May 14, 2020

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