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How To Buy Soundcloud Plays with PayPal?

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SoundCloud is an open platform for independent artists aiming to build their careers in music.

The tools and community that the platforms provide are great for boosting the career of solo artists, bands, DJs, or any audio creators.

But the overcrowded nature of the platform also makes it difficult to get famous. However, like many people you can choose to buy SoundCloud plays to increase their channel engagement.

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Why Should You Buy SoundCloud Plays?

The over-crowdedness of the platform makes it extremely difficult to get noticed and gain popularity. 

It becomes frustrating for artists to focus on making good audio tracks and, simultaneously, develop marketing strategies. So in such cases, it becomes a more accessible and more reliable option to buy SoundCloud plays. 

Apart from this, other reasons for you to purchase SoundCloud plays include:


1. Gaining social proof

One of the sure-shot ways to become famous is to look popular. If your channel has a significant number of plays, it will make new listeners think that they should give your music a try at least once. 

You will be able to leverage the most significant emotional response of humans, which is FOMO (fear of missing out). 

2. Getting more engagement

Once the listeners play your tracks out of curiosity, you will automatically start getting more engagements. 

3. It is easier and certain

You can choose to market their audio tracks and organically gain more listeners, but it’s far easier to buy SoundCloud plays and save time and effort. 

You can be sure that the money they invested will pay off in terms of more plays on their channel. This is not something one can expect in the case of organic marketing. 


What To Consider When Buying SoundCloud Streams?

If not done properly, even the safest plans can backfire, So, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t just blindly go for the option of buying SoundCloud plays. 

Before making the purchase, you need to consider some fundamental aspects:

1. The quality of the plays

SoundCloud is very good at spotting bots, and if they find you using them to increase your play count, they will most certainly ban your entire account!

So, before you make a purchase, ensure that the plays you will be getting are from real people, not bots.

2. The credibility of the seller

When you look online for websites that sell SoundCloud plays, you will come across many of them.

Do not just randomly pick any; instead, run a credibility check to ensure that they aren’t scammers and your money isn’t going in vain. 

Looking for customer reviews and comments is one of the easiest ways.


Why Buy SoundCloud Plays at PopularityBazar?

Supposing you have made up your mind to buy SoundCloud plays, here are the reasons why PopularityBazar should be your first choice.

1. Get plays by a hundred percent real people.

Unlike other websites that will sell you plays by bots, which will eventually affect your channel negatively, PopularityBazar sells genuine play counts.

No matter how many plays you buy, each one will be a hundred percent human-made. 

2. Get the plays at the lowest market price.

Buying original plays can hurt your pockets, but at PopularityBazar, the prices are affordable.

The prices start from only $2.99, which is excellent if you are in a solo venture and do not have a huge capital to invest in branding. 

3. Trusted and secure site.

PopularityBazar has a proven track record of providing results. You can check reviews on the website or checkout Trustpilot, which has 4.5 stars out of 5. 

4. Multiple modes of payment for your ease.

For the convenience of the customers, we accept all the primary modes of payment, starting from PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

We even accept bitcoins for payments!

5. Instant delivery guaranteed. 

The customer doesn’t need to wait any more once their order is placed and approved. The delivery is made instantly. 


How To Get More SoundCloud Listeners Organically?

  • Send other content creators your track for reviews. Reach out to YouTubers, bloggers, and different types of content creators who specialize in music reviewing. If they review your music on their handles, it can drive a considerable amount of listeners to your channel.

  • Put correct tags to make your tracks easily discoverable. There is a ‘Discover’ tab on SoundCloud where people can pit keywords and search for music. Add correct genre tags and put relevant descriptions so that the metadata is optimized and your tracks are easily discoverable.

  • Produce quality music. This is the most crucial aspect of getting more listeners. All of the tricks will only work if your piece is unique and remarkable.

  • Connect with channels on SoundCloud that can share your music. There are plenty of channels that have a huge following and help you gain some by just reporting your tracks. So connect with them. They can charge you a specific fee for it, or it can also be free.

  • Use your other social media platforms to promote your channel. When opting for the organic way, it is best to try all the possible ways. 

Putting your channel links on your other social media handles can help get more Soundcloud followers and playes for your channel.

Final Thoughts

To buy SoundCloud plays or to go the organic way is totally an individual choice.

If you have the time, effort, and resources to invest in organic marketing, then definitely go for it. But if you need a quick and definite solution, then it will be more viable for you to buy cheap SoundCloud plays instead. 


Yes. It is safe to buy SoundCloud plays. But the only prerequisite to that will be to deal with a credible seller that sells authentic plays and not something done by bots.

The delivery is almost instant. Once you make the purchase and complete the payment process, the details are sent for approval.
The approval process takes a maximum of an hour or two. Once the order is approved, it gets delivered instantly.
The duration for the delivery to get completed depends on how many plays one purchases.

Yes, it is. You can purchase SoundCloud plays, and no one can take legal action against you for doing that.

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