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YouTube Video Cards: How to Correctly Use Them

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YouTube is a lot of things! While it is a hobby for many, others use it to earn money. Again, people use YouTube to watch their favorite content from the creative content creators. If you are one of those content creators (or want to become one), you have to grow out of basic YouTube SEO. 

And that means entering into the advanced YouTube SEO sphere. You will know you are ready when you have a YouTube channel, a content calendar, and some videos already posted on your channel. Now, by adequately utilizing YouTube cards, you can take your YouTube game to the next level.

Curious already? Today we will talk about YouTube cards and how to use them properly. Let’s begin when you are ready! 

What are YouTube Cards?

So, what are YouTube cards? Most of us have already seen it on various videos on the platform. These cards work as clickable links that can redirect your viewer to your other content or any external site. Most people use these cards at the end of their videos. However, you can use it anywhere in your video. There is no specific area for it. 

You can add as many as five cards to your video. It means you can redirect your audience to five different videos/locations at once. There are a lot of benefits to using YouTube cards. It increases your YouTube short views and may also bring you more subscribers to your channel. 

Different Uses of YouTube Video Cards

As said, YouTube cards can be used at different times and for different purposes. You will be amazed to know the various functions you can control with these cards. Here’s a list of features that YouTube lets you use with their video cards. 

Link to Your Other Videos

The most common use of YouTube video cards is to divert people to other videos on your channel. People can promote someone else’s videos too. You can use it in different ways. 

For example, you may have created a sequel to some video. You can add the prequel video link to the video card at the end. And if it’s a series, you can also put the following video’s link. That way, you will add two cards in the end, one for the previous video and the other for the next. 

Or, you can put related video links to your video cards. But, whatever you do, make sure you use professional thumbnail makers for YouTube. Thumbnails are very important when it comes to attracting people. You can put those thumbnails on the video cards to get their attention. 

Use It to Promote Your Channel

There are a lot of ways to promote your channel. You can share your videos on social media or ask people to hit the subscribe button in the intro. Yes, everyone’s aware of the red button that’s below your content. But, people need to be pushed. 

You can use the video card as an interactive button on the screen. Now, in the end, you can just pull it up and ask your viewers to press the button on the screen itself. Or, you can link your channel and ask people to view it. It’s more about going the extra mile to promote your channel through your content. 

Add External Link

Did you know that you can promote your website or other websites via your video content? No, it’s not like talking about the brand and then mentioning the link in the description below. 

You can actually use YouTube video cards as an interactive button to link external sources. For example, you can add links to your blog or affiliate sites. 

Add Polls

You can add polls to your videos as well. Polls are a great way to know what your audience wants. You can draw content ideas or see what type of content your audience prefers. Encourage your audience to take these polls. This way, they will feel more engaged with your channel and content. 

P.S. There are a lot of other creative ways to interact with your YouTube fans, such as YouTube super chat. YouTube super chat lets your audience pay to pin their comment during a live session. Thus, it changes the entire fan fund scenario. If you are interested, you can find out more about YouTube Super Chat here.

How to Add YouTube Video Cards to Your Content

There are plenty of benefits that YouTube video cards offer. But, you have to know how to use them properly. And that starts with knowing how to add YouTube video cards to your video. You have seen others doing it. And those look pretty good. But, how do you do it yourself? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding video cards to your video:

Step 1: Visit YouTube Creator Studio

First, visit YouTube Creator Studio and log in to your channel dashboard. On the left-hand menu, you will find Video Manager, under which there is “Videos.” Click on Videos

Step 2: Select the Video You Want to Edit

Now, you will see all your posted content listed on the screen. Select the video that you want to add cards to. Click on Edit, and select Cards.

Step 3: Select the Type of Cards

As mentioned earlier, YouTube video cards can be used for different purposes. Hence, before proceeding, you need to select the type of card you want to put on your video. YouTube lets you add the following cards to your video:

  • Video or Playlist: to promote another video or playlist.
  • Channel: to promote another channel.
  • Poll: to gather people’s opinions and get them to participate in polls
  • Links: to redirect the audience to a selected external location, i.e., a blog or website. 


You need to select from one of these that you may want to use. Click on the “add card” button to add the card to your video. 

Step 4: Customize the Card

Suppose you have picked the Video or Playlist card. The next step is to edit and customize it. Once you click on the add card button, a new box will open. There you can see your previous uploads and playlists from which you can pick the ones. 

You can then customize the teaser text or the message and click on the create card. Ta-da! Your card has been created successfully. Now, drag the time to place the card where you want it. The card will appear automatically at this time. 

How YouTube Cards Can Help You Increase Direct Traffic and Engagement 

As YouTubers, all that we want is more YouTube views, subscriptions, and engagements. But, it is not as easy as it sounds. YouTube takes a lot of work before you get your desired result. And that is why one should be familiar with the advanced techniques. 

By now, you already know the various uses of YouTube cards. So, it’s time to see how it can increase direct traffic and engagement of your channel. 

Keeps Your Audience Intact and On Channel

The most upsetting and irritating thing that may happen to you is losing your audience. Even if you make excellent content and your viewers like it, they may soon jump to another channel as soon as your video ends. Therefore, you should know how to hold your audience. 

You can do so by using YouTube cards. Use thumbnail makers for YouTube cards and you can put those with related videos or playlists at the end and suggest your audience to watch them. Sometimes, it triggers the audience to visit your channel for more such content. In short, you have to serve your audience with your hands. 

Increases Direct Traffic to an External Source

Do you want to increase traffic to your blog or website? There’s no better way than promoting your content yourself. No, you don’t have to put sponsored posts on Insta or Facebook. Instead, you can promote it on your YouTube channel and ask people to check out your website using the card (which may appear at any time during the video). 

Make Your Content Look More Professional

It reflects when you know something. When making your video, you have enough knowledge about how to create it. Similarly, while posting it, if you can use the YouTube features properly, people will find your channel more professional. It increases the trust factor, leading to better audience loyalty. 


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to a successful career on YouTube. People use YouTube for different purposes. While some are on the platform for only entertainment, others are making money out of it. If you are passionate about being a content creator, you can earn money from YouTube too.

But, you have to look at where you stand. Observe other channels and see how they are using YouTube features, such as YouTube cards. Find out more about YouTube Super Chat to enhance the outcome. Thus, with all small games, you can make it through with experience and patience!

So, good luck! 

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