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YouTube Thumbnail Makers: The Best Compared

Creating fantastic content is not going to get you subscribers – you may find this statement offensive, but it’s valid to some extent. You could be a good content creator with enormous research capability. But, you also should know how you can attract people to see your videos. This calculation is a bit confusing since YouTubers need to be dedicated to a lot of things.

With the perfect thumbnail, you can reach the height of success as well. But, is designing that easy? No, if you are not a graphic designer, you may find it a bit hard. But, with the best YouTube Thumbnail Makers, this job is as smooth as butter. So, here we have put together a list of YouTube thumbnail makers: the best in 2021. We hope that you will find it useful.

Why Do You Need YouTube Thumbnails?

Well, before going into the topic directly, we thought of addressing this issue here. We have faced so many people asking us the question, “Why are thumbnails so important?” Some even ask whether thumbnails are important at all.

To answer the second, we would say that thumbnails play a vital role in your videos. And why they are important is because they help you get noticed by others. Let us ask you a question. Assuming that you are passionate about what you do, don’t you just spend your time scrolling the home feed of YouTube sometimes?

Well, we all do. And what is the first thing that stops you there? Have you ever heard of that old saying, “The first impression is always the best impression?” If you have, then you know how it works. There are two main reasons why you should use thumbnails in your videos.

1.    Attracts Attention

YouTube thumbnails attract your attention to specific content. Before you watch the video, it gives you an overall idea of what’s in there. These thumbnails are designed in a way to convey what the topic is all about. For example, if some politician has said something, the thumbnails may have his line quoted. So, when you see that, you become eager to see the video as well.

And how is this helpful? When we see something interesting out there, we tend to dig deeper. Suppose you are scrolling YouTube’s home feed, and you see a video precisely on this topic. If it has an attractive thumbnail on it with the topic mentioned, you will notice it faster. But if it doesn’t have any thumbnail, you may simply miss the video.

2.    Makes it Look More Professional

YouTube thumbnails also extend a professional touch to your video. Apart from making it lucrative, a well-designed thumbnail makes your channel look more professional. It invites more people to your channel whom you can convert to your subscribers with a quality video. If you had previously bought any cheap YouTube subscribers, it keeps them stay intact to your channel as well.

We can’t deny the fact that YouTube is a visual platform. Pictures, images, and videos play a more significant role than words and titles. Thus, even though you have educational content, you have to make it look visually attractive. Irrespective of whatever you have put inside, you will always need a professional thumbnail to make the first impression. That’s how it helps.

How Does the Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker Help?

Attraction and professionalism are sometimes the same. When something looks professional and concept-centric, we get attracted to it. But, then again, do all professional things seem attractive? To some extent, yes, it does. For example, what comes to your mind when you think about royalty?

You think kings and queens wearing fancy dresses and ordering their subjects with their heads held high! Now, it is the professional etiquette a royal figure is supposed to maintain that makes them attractive. But can just anyone dress them like this? No, they have people with the best fashion senses. And they have a protocol to maintain.

The necessity of mentioning all these was to convey how designing works. If you are not a graphic designer, it would be challenging to make an attractive and professional thumbnail. But, then again, if you are just starting your journey, it is not possible to hire someone skilled.

In that case, there are YouTube thumbnail makers that you can buy. These software have all the guides that you will need. They not only make your job more seamless but as smooth as butter. You have your templates ready. You just need to pick a design that attracts you. Then, fill in the details, and you are all set to go.

Thus, a professional YouTube thumbnail maker waives all your costs of hiring a graphic designer while you can still make impactful thumbnails in no time. It is the same as a King having a magician getting him dressed with his swinging hand movements!

How to Make an Impactful YouTube Thumbnail?

Do you still have any doubt about the efficacy of thumbnails on YouTube videos? Presuming that you don’t, let us tell you how to make an impactful thumbnail for a YouTube video. Yes, there is always a way to do things. As we said before, a thumbnail will only work when it looks professional and attractive.

So, here are some good practices to bring the best first impression for your videos on YouTube.

1.    Keep it Simple

One of the best practices while making a YouTube thumbnail is to keep it simple. A complex design can easily irritate a mind and make him skip your video. Plus, an intricate design can go unnoticed just because we don’t spend that much time reading anything unclear while scrolling on the home page. So, keep your design as simple as you can. Also, keep things separated and avoid making a crowd of cliparts.

2.    Keep it Topic-Oriented

Sometimes your thumbnails are the first representation of your content. They convey to your audience what they are going to see in the next few minutes. Now, if someone is actually searching a topic on YouTube, it will show the matching options.

But, if your thumbnail fails to convey the subject directly, The person searching for the topic may get confused and thus ignore your video. So, keep your YouTube thumbnail topic-oriented so that others can understand what’s it about more easily.

3.    Make the Design Attractive

Yes, you should never judge a book by its cover. But, it is the cover that, most of the time, gains your attention. Similarly, thumbnails are necessary to acquire the attention of viewers. And the foremost factor at play in this is how it’s designed. When designing your thumbnail, make sure it is an attractive one and not a dull one.

So, how can you do that? First, keep everything contrasting. Your background should always contrast with what you have on it. For example, a light-colored text would be the best fit on a darker background (white on black, black on sky blue, etc.)

4.    Add ClipArts and Stickers

Next, you can also use ClipArts (not just too many) and stickers on your videos. You can cut your pictures of specific expressions and put them on your thumbnails as well. And also, focus on your branding.

Best YouTube Thumbnail Makers

1.    Adobe Spark

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When it comes to any sort of design, there is hardly any competitor to Adobe. Starting from Photoshop software to Lightroom, Adobe has many solutions for your designing related issues. But, this graphics-oriented company has also focused on the need for easy designs.

Adobe Spark is an online and offline (mobile app) editor that lets you design anything within minutes. The software/application has a wide range of design tools and templates that serve multiple purposes. You can add customized backgrounds, use ClipArts, emojis, and various fonts to make an attractive YouTube thumbnail.

You can also buy their premium plan for $100 and invite professionalism as a result.

2.    Canva

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Canva is one of the world’s most popular online designing platforms. Unlike Adobe’s Photoshop softwares, Canva does not have downloadable software. So, you can either use it on your phone or online on the web. Canva has some outstanding YouTube thumbnail templates that you can use.

However, you can also start building your own thumbnail from scratch. Canva has a vast range of cliparts, text patterns, backgrounds, and other designing tools, making design a lot easier. Canva has an unlimited free plan for everyone.

But, with Canva pro, you can have far more than that. It has more than 420,000 templates along with brand kits and other tools on Pro. Canva pro costs you $9.95, billed monthly/yearly. But, you can also taste Pro features with Canva’s 30 days free trial.

3.    PicMonkey

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PicMonkey has some powerful designing tools in its bag. If you want something professional like photoshop, PicMonkey has it all. With its one-touch background remover, you can easily erase the background in no time. Plus, its unique, readymade YouTube thumbnails hardly have any competition during the rush preparations.

PicMonkey has several helpful features like teeth whitening, red-eye remover, and face settings. Some of these are the most helpful options for anyone putting their face on the thumbnails. The editor has a 30-day free trial. After this, you will be charged based on your plan. You can check their prices here.

4.    Snappa

4 1

Snappa is an excellent online YouTube editor with lots of helpful editing tools. It has both a free and paid version. With Snappa’s available YouTube thumbnail templates, you can get endless ideas about your thumbnail pattern. The best part about Snappa is that it has a very simple UI.

So, you don’t have to loiter through options to find the feature you are looking for. The only problem is that the graphic options are pretty low in number in the free version. So if you wish to do more, consider buying its premium plan from here.

5.    Fotor

5 1

Fotor has a fantastic collection of the best YouTube thumbnail templates. This tool is one of the best choices for the ones who prefer fast yet stunning designs. Fotor’s designing packs have a lot of tools, from different elements to the background and endless templates. Also, Foto’s UI is pretty impressive and simple.

One may find a similarity of Fotor with Canva in terms of the user interface of both these software. Similarly, Fotor is also an online YouTube thumbnail maker. Fotor has a free and a premium version. If you are running short on your budget, you can still do a lot with its free plan.

However, if you are interested, you can check Foto’s premium plan from here.

6.    Placeit

6 2

PlaceIt works as straight as its name sounds. This online YouTube thumbnail editor requires you only to place the necessary things on the board. With its wide range of different ready-made YouTube thumbnail templates, you can design one within minutes. PlaceIt also has numerous editing tools to add your personal touch to it.

One of the best things about this online editor is that it gives you a glimpse of various customization ideas of one template. All you need to do is take your cursor on it. It’ll start animating multiple font and color options in the same style.

You can create a Free Account on PlaceIt. However, PlaceIt’s premium account has a lot more possibilities to offer. You can check the pricing from here.

7.    Crello


One of the best things about Crello is its wide range of design tools that let you create stylish thumbnails with lots of different effects. Crello has niche-based ready-made YouTube thumbnail templates. You can customize these templates and put your own essence in them.

Crello offers both free and premium plans. Anyone running on a budget can do magic with a bit of designing skill and Crello’s tools. But, with Crello’s premium plan, you can get incredible thumbnails with the least fuss. You can check their pricing here.


A meaningful, well-designed YouTube thumbnail can create a tremendous first impression on the viewers. It not only increases the clicks on your videos, but if your content has quality, viewers may turn into subscribers as well.

However, here is one of the tips to avoid getting demonetized abide by YouTube’s policies. Don’t create a thumbnail only to attract people’s attention. Make it sober and meaningful. These best YouTube thumbnail makers ensure a seamless design. And when combined with our design guide, it can do magic to the viewer numbers!

Before we end, we would like you to focus on your brand building as well. If you have more than 100 subscribers, consider having a custom link for your channel with our guide to getting a custom URL.

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