How Can I Unlink My Instagram Accounts?

How Can I Unlink My Instagram Accounts

Some people use Instagram to share photos, Instagram videos, and Instagram reels with friends, while some use it to promote their businesses. In this day and age, where people are more tech-savvy than ever, we all have more than one Instagram account to manage our social life and work commitments. Keeping track of them all can be time-consuming. Fortunately, you can link and switch between your multiple Instagram accounts.

Can I have multiple Instagram accounts?

multiple instagram accounts

Sometimes one Instagram account is not enough, especially when you own a business or are a content creator, so making multiple accounts makes sense. The increasing demand of this growing social media platform can fetch you more clients and earn you popularity. People relatively new to this platform often ask, can I have multiple Instagram accounts?

Facebook Educator’s Guide

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Educators have traditionally helped parents teach young people about appropriate behavior towards others. Now, with the explosion of social media, educators can be part of a larger conversation with young people about digital citizenship and online behavior. We will discuss more about what digital citizenship means in Section 4. As educators you can instruct them in safe, ethical, and responsible Internet use.

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