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25 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube

Creating content and posting them on YouTube has now become a trend. You can find passionate people everywhere, opening a new YouTube channel and posting videos of their hobbies. And it is pretty fine and fun as long as you do not take it seriously. While many may earn from their hobbies, others may not. 

If you want to establish a successful YouTube career, you would need more than this. What we mean is that not all YouTube niches can bring the same profit. And so, even though your niche is your favorite, you may not get enough money out of it if YouTube doesn’t pay you so. That’s why here are the 25 most profitable niches on YouTube. 

Why Should You Look for A Profitable Niche on YouTube?

Why just not follow your passion but look for a profitable niche on YouTube? Well, it depends when you are focusing on profit or passion. Of course, some would find profit in their passionate topic. But others will struggle to earn that much. What we mean is simple and straightforward. Not all niches offer the same profit.

Take an example. Suppose you and we open YouTube channels together but in two different niches. Where your channel is all about gaming, our channel is about affiliate marketing. Now, after a certain point of time and a lot of hard work, we get to the point of monetization. 

Now you find that you have had 50,000 monetization plays with $1.5 CPM. On the other hand, we only have 20,000 monetization plays which is much lower than you. But, while your CPM was only $1.,5, mine is around $18. So, while you earn $75, I make $360, which is insane with fewer views than yours. 

So, different niches pay you differently. Therefore, if you plan to monetize from your YouTube account, you have to focus on better niches. Go for the profitable YouTube niches that we have mentioned ahead in here. 

Most Profitable Niches on YouTube

Here is the list of 25 most profitable niches on YouTube. The list is based on CPM. However, we have also included some ideas of the most popular YouTube channel topics. We have mostly tried to create a perfect amalgamation of profit and passion. These niches will also help you get more engagement on youtube.

1. Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to profit, what can beat affiliate marketing? Affiliate marking is undoubtedly one of the most popular niches on YouTube. Furthermore, you can earn both from affiliation and from YouTube ads when you get it as a choice. The average CPM of affiliate marketing is around $12-$22. 

You can create review videos or promote some online courses on your YouTube channel. Affiliate business has a great commission rate and is quite popular nowadays. So, if you think you can sell something, it is time. But, be honest with your reviews and to your subs on youtube

2. Content Creation

Pandemic has made people see different opportunities. So, with the rising work from home culture, people are focusing on creating their own digital business. And if you are a YouTube with some proper knowledge, you can be a valuable guide too. People looking to start out their journey will gather everything they get online. 

People now want to learn everything on their own. And YouTube is definitely one of the best learning platforms. Be a help in this case and make videos that would help them get started with an online business. Content creation videos are now trending on YouTube with an average CPM rate of $5-$13. 

3. Trading Niche

You might have recently seen the many trading app advertisements on YouTube. There has been a significant increase in trading or investment topics lately. As people are getting more inclined to these, you can help them by guiding them properly. Of course, trading or investment-related videos require proper research. 

So, we would suggest anyone going into this have a fair idea beforehand. Also, when you share any trading or investment-related details or tips, make sure that they are valid and secure. There is a transparent perspective here. If people get benefited, they will come and see. But if they lose their money, they will never watch your videos again. 

The average CPM of trading or investment videos is between $8-$18. 

4. Personal Finance Related Topics

It is an era where saving money has become a more challenging thing. We may earn any amount, but we end up spending the most by the end of a month. And it is the story of most people out there. Although it may sound unfamiliar, trust when we say that people try to find many ways to save money every day. 

So, you can create content on this topic. Personal Finance niches quickly pay you around $4-$12. Plus, these topics get a lot of views. Just focus on providing valuable and trusted content. Your videos should help your viewers and solve their problems. Thus, you will get more views while your earnings will keep rising. 

5. Drop Shipping Courses 

With the rising popularity of Print of demand services, dropshipping has become one of the best youtube niches like affiliate marketing. Undoubtedly, dropshipping is one of the best future industries out there. And so, more and more people are opting for dropshipping courses to start a business. Do you think you can offer them something? 

Well, if you do, you may stand a chance to earn an average CPM of between $7-$14. If you have got any experience with dropshipping or print-on-demand services, you can create videos on them. These help you get more engagement on youtube and also help you earn a good CPM. 

6. Amazon Affiliation 

Although a sub-niche under affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliation is undoubtedly one of the high-paying niches on YouTube. It is profitable in many perspectives. First of all, Amazon is a trusted online eCommerce platform with millions of customers. 

Moreover, it has a wide range of products and offers valuable fast services. Amazon offers a considerable commission as well. So, while CPM is quite good on affiliation marketing niches, you also get to earn extra money by selling affiliate products from Amazon. 

7. Cryptocurrency

There is no need to mention the popularity of Bitcoin in today’s scenario. Despite its ups and downs, Cryptocurrency has become one of the most searched niches on YouTube. There are a lot of people who look for an honest and practical guide on this platform. If you think you can share some views on it, it would be best to start a YouTube channel on this niche. 

8. Tech Review Videos

Tech reviews are also among the most popular niches on YouTube. With the ever-evolving technology, tech channels keep everyone updated. Also, curious people always prefer to stay informed. Tech reviews help them quench that thirst. Also, it has an above-average CPM on YouTube. But, it does not contend to this only. 

If you have enough views on your channels, you can get a collab with brands. You can then offer giveaways and other promotions and earn some extra money apart from your YouTube ad revenue. 

9. Web Hosting

Well, how many people would see web hosting-related videos? If you think the number is mere small, you will be wrong. Website is now one of the vital things a brand would need for its online presence. Without a website, running your online business is almost impossible. 

And with the increasing demand for this, web hosting has become a popular niche on the platform. With an above-average CPM, web hosting is also a profitable niche on YouTube. 

10. Website Flipping Business 

Website flipping is not a new business idea. However, it is undoubtedly one of the complex ones and takes a lot of time and dedication. A person should have a good guide and enough knowledge about how to do it properly. With the increasing popularity of websites every day, people now look for quality guides on YouTube. This niche is not only famous but also one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. 

11. Business Advice

People nowadays value freedom over everything. And when it comes to professional freedom, most of us prefer business. Now is the time when we are looking for new opportunities. And there are technically thousands of business ideas, a lot of them being start-ups. 

A business advice niche on YouTube is among the most popular ones. Also, it attracts genuine high-paying ads with a CPM of around $12-$18. You can also mix it up with affiliate marketing. 

12. Software Reviews

Everything now is dependent on softwares. Professionals spend thousands behind these. And so, before purchasing software online, they tend to see a review. Visual reviews, in this case, are more helpful than written ones. 

So, YouTube gets quite a traffic for software reviews and also offers above-average CPM. And if you can link affiliation to this, you can grab more profit in your pockets. 

13. Career Advice

One of the most confusing times of life is when we are to choose a career. Most of us struggle to find a suitable option based on our preferences and qualification. But, sometimes, it becomes hard to find real-life examples. 

YouTube is one of the best places where people look for various career opportunities. While they look for guidance, as a content creator, you will attract great viewers if you can assist them. Likewise, this niche has an attractive CPM on YouTube. 

14. Insurance Niche 

Does it sound boring? Well, even if it does, it really doesn’t matter as long as the profit is good. You cannot deny how many people actually look for insurance guides. While insurance agents may misguide some people, a neutral insurance adviser on YouTube can be a trustable person. 

If you take that role and successfully guide your viewers, you will see a massive increase in popularity. Also, Insurance niches have one of the highest average CPC rates on Google. So, advertisers are also changing their venue and coming to YouTube. 

15. Real Estate

Another profitable YouTub niche is real estate. There are millions of people constantly looking for guides and places to invest. Anything on YouTube related to real-estate welcomes a considerable audience attraction. 

Moreover, the CPM is also above average in this niche. You can sell lands, create guide content, or make videos of properties for promotion. You can also promote some businesses for some extra income. 

16. Beauty and Fashion

Now, let’s get into some very common YouTube profitable niches. Fashion and beauty is something with a very high search volume. From trends to traditional, YouTube has massive content on these topics. 

So, if you can make some quality content, you might get some good attention. And the CPM on these topics is also relatively high. But then again, you can add affiliate business and promote certain brands to get some extra cash in your pocket. 

17. Gaming

How can we forget to mention gaming channels? There is now one of the most popular niches on YouTube. From gaming reviews to live playing sessions, gaming channels easily attract a lot of viewers. Therefore, making money from a YouTube gaming channel is often considered easier than in other ways. 

If you are a passionate gamer, you can show your skills, help other players overcome challenges, and record walkthrough videos. VanossGaming earns a monthly revenue of approx. $336,990 only from YouTube. Altogether, this might be the best niche on YouTube for any gamer. 

18. Health and Fitness

This generation has become all the more health-conscious, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, health-related content is always trending on YouTube. Let it be simple exercise videos or diet plans; you can always find one with millions of views. 

So, if you are a nutritionist, a gym trainer, or even a health enthusiast, you can find this niche very helpful. And it is also a very profitable niche on YouTube. If you would know, FitnessBlender alone earns monthly approx. $15,818 from its ad revenue. 

19. Food

Do we have to mention separately how popular food topics are on YouTube? It has captured the world like anything. Foodies around the world always keep looking for such content on YouTube. 

Whether it is a cooking video or some random food vlogs, you will always find regular viewers on this content. And, many food companies are showing their ads as well. Hence, it is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. 

20. Travel

Human nature is traveling. You will hardly find anyone who doesn’t love this. So, the traveling niche is both a famous and profitable one on YouTube. You can create content on travel destinations, travel tips, or even assist people with booking tickets, applying for a passport and visa. So, if you are a travel enthusiast, start your journey right away. 

21. Pets and Animals

Do you like animals and pets? Cause if you do, you can create an amazing YouTube channel on this niche. Petting or animal-related topics are so popular on YouTube that The Dodo channel earns over $274,302 per month from their ad revenue. 

22. Humorous Topics

People often use YouTube to get some stress relief. And what can be better than funny videos? If you think that you can create such content that makes people laugh, you are blessed. 

You can create graphic content or even portray yourself. PewDePie is one of the most favorite channels on YouTube, having this genre who earns approx. $1,079,628 every month from his ad revenue. 

23. How to Videos

How-to videos are another popular niche on YouTube, with millions of people searching every day. These videos are famous, short, and helpful. They are basically guiding videos describing how one can do something. 

You can compare these videos with similar how-to blog articles. Since it is pretty popular on the platform, you can expect an above-average CPM from this content.

24. Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are among the top profitable niches on YouTube that can attract millions of viewers. Especially if you are a motivational speaker, you can hit the jackpot with your skills. Also, the niche helps a lot in the mental uplifting of human beings.

25. Tutorial Videos

Many people face problems when they learn something new. For example, if you are using photoshop for the first time, it will be a lot to take. Tutorial videos help one go through the process smoothly. 

These videos are pretty popular on the platform and attract advertisers. Also, you can offer your courses online and get people registered for those. In that way, you can generate good revenue out of this topic. 

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