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‘iykyk’ Meaning on Instagram

‘Iykyk’ is one of the internet’s most loved and most used slangs. It has become a symbol of belonging, exclusivity, and cultural exchange. 

If you have ever come across the abbreviation and felt confused, you are not alone. However, you are in the right place. This article will tell you all there is to know about iykyk.  

What does ‘iykyk’ mean on Instagram? 

‘Iykyk’ stands for the popular phrase, ‘If you know, you know’. 

This usually refers to an inside joke or is a reference to something only specific people know. It is usually used in messaging and Instagram posts. 

There is also a popular hashtag #iykyk that’s associated with it. It can also be a sign of something self-explanatory, that cannot be elaborated. 

It is used in jokes, innuendos, memes, references, seemingly innocent photos and other content directed towards people who understand the joke. This is just like using ’get what I mean?’ in real life. 

Even when abbreviated, it is read out in the full form.


  • Oh, he looks just like our teacher, iykyk.
  • This soda is nothing compared to the one we had in Texas. Iykyk. 





If You Know You Know

Inside Joke


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Uses for ‘iykyk’

Context Writing

Iykyk can be used in captions, comments, or Instagram stories to engage with your target audience about any inside jokes, shared experiences or references. 

This is usually the case with influencers when they refer to a past incident that they had shared with their followers. So in that case their new followers would probably not know about the case, but the old followers will, hence ‘iykyk’.


  • Oh, I was so embarrassed when I tripped on the carpet at the gala, iykyk.


You can use iykyk to refer to a specific topic through which you’ll be able to find your target audience easily. That way they would be able to relate to the story, and you can refer to details of the story. 


  • After my second baby was born, my elder son suddenly started acting up, iykyk.


When an influencer uses iykyk in their posts or stories, it indicates that they have had a good following for many years. This automatically builds trust and credibility among new followers. It also makes people wonder what they meant and persuades them to join the community. 

Inside jokes and stories are a big part of influencer culture, with people following what others do in their daily lives. It also encourages people who are old followers to engage with posts and get a feeling of exclusivity. This gets them to follow you more closely. 

Using hashtags such as #iykyk will also help you get more likes on posts. If you want to have a high like count on Instagram, you can also read this article by Popularity Bazaar.


  • Only original followers would remember, iykyk.


‘Ykyk’ is also used as a variation to iykyk. It means ‘you know, you know’.



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