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How To Use X (Twitter) Effectively

With its massive user base, the potential for growth, and ability to drive traffic, Twitter is no longer a platform where you share your thoughts on trending topics. It is proven to help businesses drive massive traffic and generate revenue.

However, Twitter’s recently-launched Performance Advertising Solution can make things difficult for individuals and small business owners who don’t have the resources to invest.

But there is still tremendous scope if you stick to an effective strategy and buy Twitter followers PayPal to give your Twitter handle a much-needed push.
Read on to explore the strategy and follow it consistently for organic growth results.

Strategies To Use Twitter Efficiently

If you are looking for a guide to grow your business brand on Twitter in 2024, these 11 proven strategies will surely give you results.

1.Make A Strategy

In order to use Twitter efficiently, the first step you need to take is to make a strategy and stick to it. Here are ten valuable tips that you can work around to make your personalized Twitter strategy.

  • Consistency is the key to any strategy that you make. However, consistency doesn’t mean tweeting every other five minutes. You don’t want to go overboard with your tweets since they can annoy your followers and make them lose interest in you.
  • If you run a business or own a brand, you want to have a human touch, and for that, you need to engage with your audience. Anytime they retweet or comment on your tweets, make sure to engage with them. You should respond within 4 hours, maximum.
  • Don’t forget to hop on the bandwagon of trending topics since Twitter is a platform to voice your opinion on trending topics!
  • The new character limit for tweets is 280, so use them sparingly.
  • When you are adapting to a new strategy, use Twitter analytics to judge its performance. If you are a few months old on the platform, you can also check Twitter history of your account to see what worked or didn’t work for you in the past.
  • To get better exposure, take part in the Twitter chat and try to be part of a Twitter community that aligns with your brand and ideology.
  • Try to repurpose your content in graphical forms. For that, pick up a statement line and present it with your brand color and font.
  • Automation is your best friend if you are trying to be more productive, so try to automate wherever you can. You can start by scheduling your Tweets.
  • Follow the Trends but don’t copy them directly; always add your unique touch.

  • Always retweet with a caption. It makes it easier for your audience to understand whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with what you are retweeting, hence eliminating confusion.


2.Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Optimizing your Twitter profile can be the very first step if you are a beginner on the platform. If you successfully create the right image for your brand, the Twitter algorithm will automatically push you to the right audience and enhance your exposure to suitable social streams.

To start optimizing your Twitter profile, first choose the right image, which is your Twitter profile picture. Then move to the bio section and describe what you do. Here you can also attach an external link to your website to drive more traffic there.

If you are present on other social media platforms, don’t forget to interlink them. If you have a website, make sure to add your Twitter link there. You can also add it to your email signature. This can give your Twitter profile a great reach.

3.Learn The Algorithm & Use Hashtags

Twitter is where hashtags were invented, so it is a no-brainer that hashtags play an essential part on this platform. Using hashtags in your tweets helps the Twitter algorithm to group your content into categories and makes it easy to find.
It is even included in the best practices mentioned by Twitter. According to Twitter experts, tweets with hashtags help process the context better and are proving to increase engagement by almost 100% for individuals and 50% for brands.

However, do not stuff your tweets with too many hashtags. Restrict to only a couple per tweet. Remember to include the trending hashtags you can find from the left-hand sidebar beneath your Twitter profile to get better reach. You can also use third-party tools like tweetbinder to help you with various aspects of hashtag analytics.

4.Find The Right Time To Post

To get the desired engagement, you need to know the right time to post. Figure out the time when the majority of your audience stays active. For that, you can take help from Twitter Analytics or other similar online tools.

According to a survey by Statusbrew, the best time to tweet is at 9 am on any weekday, especially Wednesday. And the worst time starts from mid-Friday onwards, that is, Friday after 3 pm, and continues throughout the weekends.

But if you don’t want to stick to the general timings and find out what works for your audience, then you can take help from online tools. TweepsMap can help you with that, along with analyzing other metrics of your Twitter followers.

5.Engage With Your Audience

When your target is to make the most out of Twitter, you need to start engaging with your audience. Engaging with your audience isn’t limited to retweeting and liking their tweets or replying back to their comments.

You can also silently engage them by reading that tweet and learning more about their preferences. If you own a business, doing this can help you understand the industry trends and come up with business strategies as well.

Ask your followers questions and seek their opinions. The small interaction can give you a great competitive edge.

6.Keep A Human Touch

Even if you are running a business account, you need to have a human tone for your brand. For that, first decide what personality you want your brand to have. Will it be informal and edgy or sophisticated and informative? Whatever you pick, remember to stick to it.

This tone and personality should not be limited to your tweets. Instead, you should remain consistent even if you are commenting back to your followers or chatting with them individually.

7.Buy Twitter Followers From Trusted Dealers

Even after trying all tricks and strategies, growing your Twitter account from scratch can be overwhelming. Not getting desired results from the very start can be a massive turn-off and hurdle on your way to being consistent with the strategies. But you can buy Twitter followers PayPal to boost your account.

On XXX, you can use payment options like credit/debit cards, or any other major payment option to purchase verified followers, which are credited to your account within the promised time.

8.Utilise Multimedia

Twitter suggests that videos are the fastest-growing advertising tool on their platform. According to them, there are over two billion videos on Twitter each day, with 67% YoY growth. And even with such high volume, videos attract 10x more engagement than tweets without video.

Moreover, they are more cost-efficient, meaning you gain more than you invest. Also, to get better conversions, remember to add a CTA button at the end of your video. You don’t need to add lengthy tweets with videos. But make sure your videos are mobile-friendly since that is the go-to device for most.

9.Experiment With The Changing Algorithm

Once you have made a strategy and have used it for a couple of months, experiment with it by tweaking it here and there. You can start with as little as changing your posting time or go big, like targeting an entirely new audience.

To get the best results, make sure to keep a close eye on Twitter’s insights about the changes they are making and revamp your Twitter strategy accordingly. However, don’t try to catch up with every update they make since Twitter frequently updates its algorithm, and it can be multiple times in a week as well.

Hence, skip the minor updates and focus on the bigger ones that may have a significant impact on how content is surfaced on the platform. For updates, you can either follow Twitter’s official blog and social media channels or some other reliable tech news channels and social media experts who cover this platform.

10.Use Twitter Lists To Be More Organised

If you are following many people on Twitter but want to have a close eye on a few, then Twitter Lists can help you with that. Twitter Lists help you organize your feed, keep track of your followers, and, most importantly, spy on your competitors.

With the help of Twitter Lists, you can create a group of accounts that you can categorize, follow, and save. When in need, simply pull up a list, and you will be able to view all the tweets from those accounts that are on the list.

If you have multiple interests and following accounts related to them, it is a great tool to simplify and streamline your feed. You can also choose to keep your Twitter list private or public, depending on your preference. However, public lists can help you optimize and increase your visibility on Twitter, therefore getting you more followers.
Pro tip: If you are tracking your competitors on Twitter, add them to a private list.

11.Make Your Branded Hashtags

Twitter highly suggests businesses and individuals use branded hashtags to become more discoverable. A branded hashtag is a unique hashtag that represents your brand or business.

Even Twitter includes using branded hashtags as breast practices for marketing campaigns. Here are some tips from Twitter’s official site on how to use branded hashtags most efficiently.

  • Create your tweets around the hashtags, meaning it shouldn’t look like you are stuffing the hashtags in the tweets.

  • Inspire and encourage people to use your hashtag. For that, keep it simple and catchy. You can also arrange some contests and giveaways.

  • Convey to your audience how you want them to use the hashtags.

  • Add hashtags with video content.

In case you don’t know how to make one, here’s a video on how to make a Branded Hashtag on Twitter.

Outdo Your Twitter Game With Effective Strategies

Using Twitter effectively will not only help you build your brand by voicing your opinions but will also help you stay up-to-date, network, collaborate with others in your industry, drive traffic to your website and generate potential leads, and also communicate directly with your audience.

By implementing all the strategies we mentioned above, you will definitely be able to use Twitter more effectively and grow your brand. Remember, consistency is the key, but adapting to changes is also important. If you are starting from level 0, don’t hesitate to experiment with everything since you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Also, remember to link your Twitter to your other social media handles (and other places like digital signature, resume, portfolio, etc.), to leverage your existing audience.

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