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How To Start A YouTube Vlog: A-Z Of YT Vlogging

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Do you want to be a popular YouTube vlogger like Mr. Beast? Or are you planning to start a vlogging channel to promote your products? 

People spend hours watching YouTube videos, making it the best platform for every budding creator. However, getting started with YouTube vlogging is something most beginners find challenging. 

Whether you have no idea about vlogging or you know how it works, this extensive guide will help you start with YouTube and grow your channel. 

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What Is a YouTube Vlog?

The meaning of a vlog is hidden in its name: video + blogs = vlogs. These are short video documentation of your life and the experiences you gather. 

Now you may wonder about the difference between a YouTube video and a vlog. Vlogs are more personal and give the person a better chance of connecting with their audience. They are free-flowing rather than scripted and are much more pocket friendly. 

This makes vlogging perfect if you are a beginner on YouTube and can’t invest much in production. Vlogs are great for community building and can help you build your brand. 

Vlogging is such a popular genre that if you make vlogs, you can call yourself a vlogger instead of using the plain and boring tag of “YouTuber.” So let’s take a quick look at the different types of vlogs and what they cover. 

Trending YouTube Vlog Niches

You’ll be surprised to find the variety you can explore as a YT vlogger. Here are the most popular vlogging types you can try out. Additionally, examples of such videos are added for your reference to understand the content of a few of the 51 million YT channels

1. Lifestyle:

Capture your day-to-day activities and share that with your audience. If you’re a student or a working person, sharing insights can interest your viewers.

Here’s a great example of lifestyle vlogging by Taylor Bell through YT vlogs.

2. Travel:

Most of us have at least once watched Yes Theory’s vlogs about how they are travelling around and capturing moments for their viewers.

If you love to travel, you’re in luck! You can easily turn your love for travelling into a full-time career by becoming a travel vlogger. Share tips and tricks for traveling to different places. Keeping them highly informative yet fun is the key. 

3. Gaming:

Whether playing games for fun or as a career, you can use them to make a gaming channel and diversify your income source. Go live on YouTube or upload pre-recorded matches as your content. 

Here’s a gameplay stream and vlog from the famous YouTuber PewDiePie that has been viewed over 10M times.

4. Health and Fitness:

Your healthy and fit lifestyle will make you a better person physically and is also a great source of content.

Post-pandemic, people are starting to take their health more seriously. Hence, they love consuming content that talks about it.

Here’s a great example from FitTuber, who talks about diet and healthy habits and, in this video, shares his thoughts about workouts. 

5. Cooking:

Who doesn’t love food? If you love to cook and have plenty of recipes and tips to share, do not hesitate to turn them into the content. They’ll sell like hotcakes! Bonus points if your recipes are regional, unique, or healthy alternatives to their regular counterpart. 

Here’s a video from Philip Lemoine, where he shares the recipe and cooking of a Filipino dish.

6. React/ Review:

We all remember how ‘roast’ videos were on trend for almost half a decade. Now they have turned into a more subtle version, known as “reaction/ review” videos. You can react to a movie, song, or meme on another person’s content. 

Here’s a reaction vlog from Alex Hefner on a popular song with over 350 K views.

If you have the budget, you can purchase products from different sites and create vlogs on their reviews. 

7. Music:

YouTube can be an excellent platform for a budding musician. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or remix old tracks, all of this can be turned into content and uploaded as vlogs. But don’t forget to include yourself in them since the real essence of vlogging is in giving your personal touch. 

8. Makeup and Beauty:

Makeup, skincare, and fashion are a niche that was, are, and will be popular, and there’s always room for new talents to show their creativity. 

If you are good at it, you can start with tutorial videos with whatever you have and then approach brands for collaborations. 

Watch how Kylie Jenner has shared her beauty care routine with Vogue as a Youtube vlog.

9. Behind The Scenes 

There are a lot of professions that are full of behind the scene worthy clips. For example, people love watching how digital artists make their art. Only some people on the platform are there to learn; some watch it for fun too. So instead of a step-by-step tutorial (which is more time and effort-consuming), you can shoot them candidly behind the scenes. 

Or if you already have a YouTube channel where you post more scripted or structured videos, you can utilize its behind the scene footage to make a vlogging channel as well.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes clip/ vlog on how to film oneself.

10. How-to/ Education

If you are skilled at something, you can share insights into it as content in your YouTube vlogs under the “how-to” segments. It will not only help you create content but will also help you establish authority in that field. 

Check out this video on something as simple but essential as tying a tie. The channel is full of different types of tie knots and how to tie them.

Tips To Build Your Vlogging Channel From Scratch

Clueless about how to start YouTube vlogs? Follow these actionable pointers to make your first YouTube video.

1. Find Your Niche and Target Audience

You can only start a channel by knowing what you want to post on it. You may switch to another niche later, but to begin with, you must select one. 

Once you’ve finalized your niche, understand the audience it can attract. You must tailor your content based on your targeted audience’s demographics (age, language, geographical location, etc.). 

2. See The Latest Trends in Your Niche 

If you’ve chosen your niche but are confused about what your audience wants, look at others. Originality is essential, but starting from level 0, you need to take inspiration from others. 

Hence, watch videos of leading content creators in that niche and take notes from them. See what you like or dislike, and include them in your content. 

Also, check out their comments section to understand what their viewers suggest. 

3. Pre Plan Your Content Calendar 

Vlogging is all about consistency. Since you are uploading more raw and unfiltered content, viewers expect you to post more often. It will be foolish to think that you can wake up, come up with a video idea, shoot, edit, and upload it in a single day. 

So to match their expectations and meet your targets, you need to preplan your content calendar. Start with a brainstorming session where you pen down all the possible vlogging ideas you want to cover in a week or month. 

Spread them across your calendar, keeping time for recording and editing, and voila! You’ll never miss a deadline again. You can even schedule your video uploads on the platform itself. By that, even if you forget to post at the promised time, it will be uploaded automatically. 

4. Map Out Your Videos 

Even though vlogs are meant to be free-flowing and candid, talking in front of the camera without knowing what to say next can make your vlog repetitive and boring. 

To avoid that, make sure you atleast map out the video script beforehand. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pen down an entire screenplay with dialogues. You can simply make an outline of what to mention in the intro and outro and what points you want to cover in the middle. 

Keep your intro short with one or two lines about you, your channel, and what topics you will cover in this video. In the outros, give a personalized message and a CTA, such as asking for likes, shares, subscriptions, and comments. 

If you plan to record candid clips and then turn them into a seamless video with the help of editing, let’s give you a heads-up. The more unorganized your footage is, the more difficult it will get to edit and get a better output, especially if editing is not your strongest suit. 

5. Invest In Equipment To Improve Quality 

There’s no harm in filming from your mobile’s front camera, but you need to improve your production as your channel grows. 

It will show your audience that you are putting effort into this channel and constantly improving it to give them a better experience. If the mobile camera is your only resort, try these tips for better results. 

  • Switch on airplane mode while recording to stop any notification from popping. 
  • If you are making a full-length video, keep the mobile horizontal. However, for shorts vertical layout works best. 
  • Before recording the original content, run a small test recording to check if the sound and lighting are good. 
  • Invest in an external microphone. 
  • Use proper lighting. If the budget is tight, try to utilize daylight.
  • Keep your camera resolution at the highest setting. 

While mobile cameras are excellent, to begin with, you’ll eventually need an upgrade to meet the expectations of your audience. Hence, here is some equipment you will need in your kit if you plan to do full-time vlogging. 

  1. A tripod
  2. Gimbal 
  3. Selfie Ring Light 
  4. A mirrorless camera/ GoPro (if you are a travel vlogger)
  5. Memory card
  6. Portable audio recorder
  7. Umbrella lights (for better lighting that a single ring light can’t give)
  8. Editing software (like, Adobe Premiere Elements 18)

6. Make A Distinct Vlog Intro

An intro may determine how long your viewers will watch the video for. A good opening can set the tone for your video and contain the summary of what your viewers expect from the vlog.

There’s nothing called an ideal intro, but you can start with your identity, including your name and a catchphrase, something you can repeat in each vlog representing your originality.

Other elements, like visually attractive graphics with background music, can hold your viewers down to watch the whole vlog.

7. Utilize Tags, Cards, and End Screens 

To optimize your YouTube vlogs, utilize tags as it helps your viewers to find the vlog.

In terms of YouTube SEO, tags are descriptive keywords, which is very important as YouTube understands the content of your video and shows it to the relevant searches.

On the other hand, YouTube cards can help you interact with your viewers during the video. It is a great way to refer to other relevant videos after they finish watching your current vlog.

You can set the time at which viewers will get the teaser. Your viewers will likely check the recommended video and subscribe to your channel.

8. Make Shorts Along With Full-Length Videos

YouTube shorts are a great way to engage with your audience as a teaser for your upcoming vlogs, or they can be a short clip from your full-length video.

Either way, it is a great way to stay connected with your viewers while adding content to their life and your channel.

You can buy cheap YouTube short likes to boost your content’s credibility and your channel. 

Due to the drop in the attention span of viewers, shorts are more helpful in bringing views in the short term and strengthening your channel with content and subscribers from it.

9.  Promote Your Content on Different Platforms

Distribute your content throughout the other social media channels to reach those audiences and get them to check you out on YouTube.

It is a necessity to promote your channel and its content via platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, to name a few.

Doing so will increase your views on the said platform. Also, they will be redirected to your YouTube channel, as you can share your vlog links to subscribe and check out your YouTube.

If you buy YouTube likes, it improves the engagement rate of that content, and the YouTube algorithm recognizes and promotes the content further.  

10.  Optimize and Design Your Channel 

Optimize and design your channel with good descriptive titles your viewers will most likely search for.

The channel banner must be compelling and represent the content of the channel. 

Design your channel to be mobile-friendly, as most users feed on YouTube content mostly from their mobile devices. 


How Often Should I Upload Content to My Channel?

Following a content calendar is a healthy habit for growing a YouTube channel. Plan your content schedule according to the genre of your content.

It can range from anywhere between 4 times a week to once a month. But keep posting Shorts of your long-form content and stay engaged with your viewers.

Do YouTube Vloggers Make Money?

Yes, YouTube vloggers who follow the YouTube channel monetization policy can earn a lot of money.

Can I Buy YouTube Likes to Boost Channel Traffic?

 You can buy YouTube Likes to boost your channel’s growth and increase engagement. YouTube channels with more likes tend to be shown first on related searches.


Vlogging can be a great experience and earn you loads. All you need is to follow the above suggestions, commit to producing regular content, and have the zeal to work smart.

It’s hard to be an overnight sensation, but if you optimize and create engaging content, success is merely a matter of patience.

Start your vlogging journey today, promote it through your channel’s other social media handles, and stay consistent with the content calendar. We are waiting for the next prominent vlogger. 

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