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10 Highest Paid TikTok Earners EVER

Even though most of you haven’t heard of ByteDance Ltd., Tiktok is a name that is not unknown at all. The app owned by this famous China-based company is the world’s most valuable startup. And isn’t it wonderful how people have actually accepted the platform in such a short span? 

Yes, you already know how to make money on tiktok. But is that all? Every influencer needs some influence as well. And what can be a better inspiration than seeing another fellow person doing something of your choice? Yes, in this article we will be talking about the 10 highest paid Tiktok earners. So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

Highest Paid Tiktok Earners of the Year

1. Addison Rae Easterling

Estimated Annual Earning: $5 Million

Addison Rae Easterling is the highest paid Tiktoker with annual earnings of $5 million last year. Easterling started her career as a Tiktoker in July 2019. Within a year, she got featured by Forbes as the highest paying Tiktoker. Easterling is an excellent dancer and posts mainly dance-related content on popular and trending songs. 

After her studies at LSU, she moved to LA and is now partnered with American Eagle. Her weekly podcast on Spotify is quite famous among her audience. Addison also has a makeup line brand. All these things, along with her Tiktok branding, has helped her gaining huge popularity. Addison also sells her merchandise which is a great source of income for her. 

2. Charlie D’Amelio

Estimated Annual Earning: $4 million

Now, after Easterling fame, here comes another famous Tiktoker named Charlie D’Amelio. Charlie is a ubiquitous name to those following dance videos on Tiktok. She made her debut during the same time as Easterling and has a yearly revenue of $4 million. Charlie creates her content on famous and trending songs. 

Charlie’s fame has brought her many other opportunities as well. Like Easterling, Charlie also has her podcast with her elder sister Dixie D’Amelio. They also have a strong music career. 

Charlie, the second highest paid Tiktoker, has also been into many controversies for her “rude” behavior. Even it caused her to lose a lot of followers in one day. Despite all these, Charlie still has quite a strong base for uninterrupted earning.  

3. Dixie D’Amelio

Estimated Annual Earning: $2.9 million

Dixie is the elder sister of Charlie D’Amelio. Both these sisters are quite famous on Tiktok for their outstanding dance videos. Dixie has 32 million subscribers with an annual income of $2.9 million. She, along with her younger sister Charlie, runs a podcast show that is quite popular. Apart from this, D’Amelios also had also signed deals with famous clothing company Hollister. 

Dixie is also an amazing singer. Her first single music video, “Be Happy,” received more than 58 million streams at its launch. Dixie’s ways of expression and her profound dedication to her career are something beyond ordinary. And it takes her to be one of the highest paid Tiktok earners. 

4. Loren Gray

Estimated Annual Income: $2.6 Million

“The only person who knows how to brand Loren Gray and be Loren Gray is Loren Gray,” Loren says in an interview. Here Loren shares about some early days of her profession when many bad talent managers misled her. It caused her to lose many attractive sponsorships earlier. So, Loren Grey trusts only herself when it comes to influencer marketing. 

Loren has been on Tiktok even when it was named As of February, she has more than 51 million subscribers on her channel. In the beginning, when she got quite famous, she used to get bullied and moved to LA to pursue her career. 

She is also a fantastic singer, signing her deal with Virgin Records in 2018. Ever since that, she released eight singles of her. She also has her jewelry brand. With all these and her various sponsorships and merchandise, Loren earned around $2.6 million in 2020 (according to Forbes).  

5. Josh Richards

Estimated Annual Income: $1.5 Million

Teenagers can always be an inspiration to many. Josh Richards is a 19-year-old boy being the 5th highest paid Tiktoker on this list. Josh always wanted to become an actor and dancer. His videos are primarily about lip-synching, comic skits, and unusual dance moves. 

With his excellent skills and performance, Josh has gathered 14 million followers on his channel. He is also partnered with several brands and earned over $1.5 million in 2020. 

6. Michael Le

Estimated Annual Income: $1.2 Million

JustMaiko or Michael Le is the 6th highest paid Tiktoker on our list with an annual earning of $1.2 million. JustMaiko had been there on the platform from the time of The influencer mostly posts dancing and tutorial videos. He has 32 million followers on his channel. 

Michael is also the brand ambassador of the famous energy drink brand Bang. His earning depends on various sponsorships and the merchandise he sells collectively on Bang’s platform. With such a track record, Michael is one of the most followed male personalities on the platform. 

7. Spencer X

Estimated Annual Income: $1.2 Million

No one knows what can inspire you when. Spencer used to be a beatboxer on YouTube. However, the same talent took him to another height when projected on Tiktok. Spencer is a beat-boxing sensation now with more than 38 million followers. 

This Tiktok sensation now stays in LA to pursue his passion. Apart from beat-boxing, Spencer X has also collaborated with several famous artists such as Sean Kingston and Alicia Keys. 

8. Zach King

Estimated Annual Income: $41,000 per post

Zach is not a new internet sensation. Instead, this famous influencer has been on the web for quite a time. He is best known for his digitally edited magic videos. He started his Tiktok journey in 2016 and gathered almost 45 million followers on the platform till today.

His most viewed Tiktok video was the one where he flies on a broom. The video became an online sensation, gathering more than 2 billion views so quickly. 

9. Riyaz Afreen

Estimated Annual Income: $35,000 per post

Riyaz Aly is an Indian Tiktok sensation with bagging more than 26 million followers on this platform. Riyaz started posting his videos on Insta first and then came to Tiktok. He is a model, actor, and fashion blogger as well. Starting his career in 2017, Tiktok brought Riyaz many opportunities and made him a successful man. 

10. Baby Ariel

Estimated Annual Income: $32,000 per post

Baby Ariel is a channel owned by Ariel Rebecca Martin, a famous American singer, actress, and social media personality. Like many other else on this platform, her journey started during the version. Baby Ariel has 34.7 million followers on TikTok. 

She also led several anti-bullying campaigns like #ArielMovement and ##HackHarrassment. This Tiktoker knows her ways to get likes on tiktok and earns an estimated $32,000 per post.


Tiktok has created a lot of opportunities for many hidden talents. This list is only a glimpse of what may happen when you know how to become a tiktok influencer. We hope you liked this discussion on the 10 highest paid TikTok earners. We hope to see you next on our next content. 

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