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15 Best YouTube Optimization Tools EVER

There might be 2 billion people logging in every month on Youtube, but the number of channels vying for those views is millions! The competition is fierce and cutthroat; simply churning out hundreds of videos isn’t going to cut it out anymore. 

How will your video stand out amongst the 500 hours of content uploaded every minute and get more engagement? Through Youtube optimization, of course! It’s all about quality over quantity – fewer videos but with great content, optimized to please the Youtube algorithm. 

But as a Youtuber or a channel owner, you might already know the difficulty of Youtube optimization. Thankfully, there are Youtube optimization tools to save the day! But before we look at these 15 excellent tools, first, let us understand exactly what Youtube optimization means.

What is Youtube Optimization (SEO)?

Youtube optimization or Search Engine Optimization is the method through which the channel’s videos can get maximum views and appear at the top of search results. While theoretically, the platform is social media, in reality, it serves as the second biggest search engine after Google. 

So, when someone searches for a topic and your video appears at the top – that’s optimization. 

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How to Optimize Youtube Videos?

Whenever you upload a new video to Youtube, it analyzes it entirely, checking its content and relevance. If it determines that it is necessary and relevant enough to your targeted keyword, it’ll push the video to the top of search results. 

There are several ways you can optimize videos:

  • Include the target keyword in the video title
  • Add relevant tags
  • A well-written description that gives an idea of what the video is about
  • Attractive thumbnail
  • Transcribed captions


To boost the video, you can also buy Youtube views cheap. It’ll grow your video as the most viewed and automatically make it appear at the top. 

Best YouTube Optimization Tools Every Creator Should Know About 

Youtube optimization isn’t as simple as adding the target keyword in the title, description, and tags. The algorithm is hard to predict and even harder to master. Hence, a clever way to overcome its restrictions is by using Youtube optimization tools. Not only will they give you views but also grow your channel organically. 

You need not worry about how to avoid being demonetized while using these tools – they’re completely legit!

1. YouTube Search Autocomplete

Key Features:

  • Completely free to use
  • Default search suggestions
  • Helps in the keyword search 

While we cannot deem the Youtube Search bar as an SEO tool, it is an efficient method. When you search for anything, it immediately autocompletes the word with different suggestions. For instance, searching for Cristiano Ronaldo completes it with words like song, best goals, interview, skills, etc. 


More often than not, this showcases the results users search for most. So, if you’re a business or a news channel owner, you can quickly look up these searches and discover which topic will bring you the most views at the moment. 

Youtube Search Autocomplete is often overlooked as a prospective tool, but it can prove valuable to your channel if used correctly. 


2. Answer The Public (ATP)

Key Features:

  • Comes with a free version for individual use and a Pro one for larger businesses
  • Helps learn people’s questions about a topic
  • Works quickly
  • Establishes you as an authority in the community


ATP has always been considered an efficient tool amongst marketing departments and content specialists who wish to go beyond the standard auto-suggested results. Whenever you search for any term through ATP, it’ll scour the internet to showcase all the questions people have been asking about it. 

For instance, searching for “advanced robotics” will return questions like “What is advanced robotics,” “Which country has the most advanced robotics,” etc. The tool will arrange the questions in a 5Ws and 1H manner, i.e., Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How, so that you can understand and execute them better. 

It’ll help you pinpoint the exact question that draws in most views. And since content marketing is based on people’s interests and choices, your videos will gain credibility and authority with the audience/clients. 

If you’re an individual owner, the free version will work fine. However, the Pro version for big brands with significant interests starts at $99/month. 

3. YouTube Analytics

Key Features:

  • Free of cost tool
  • Helps track your channel’s track record and determines which topic/video idea is working and not working
  • Judge the performance in real-time


Youtube Analytics tool might not be the most complex or intricate tool, but nonetheless, it is crucial to track the views and revenue your videos have garnered so far. If you’d applied any unique content or marketing strategy, then you can see, in real-time, if it proved to be effective or not. You’ll be able to scrap or continue with it according to the results.

Besides views and revenue, you can also use it to see where your audience is coming from, i.e., where did they discover you from. It can be anywhere from manual search from the search bar, the home page, recommendation page, trending, or elsewhere. 

You can easily capitalize on this knowledge for other videos and strategize for a more effective plan. You can check your Youtube Analytics here

4. Google Keyword Planner

Key Features:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Discover the search volume for various keywords
  • Enables the understanding of the competition for each word


Google’s tool, Keyword Planner, is an excellent way of shaping your channel’s content and should be a part of your arsenal. From individual people to business owners and creators, the tool has revolutionized pay-per-click or PPC campaigns. 

On top of it, Keyword Planner is extremely easy to use. You simply need to type in the keyword you wish to make content for, and it’ll return the estimated search volume and a competition rating. 

The rating indicates how likely other businesses or creators are to incorporate the keyword in their content. Hence, higher ratings are best avoided if you want to avoid getting buried beneath thousands of videos. 

However, one thing to remember is that the data is derived from Google search results, not Youtube searches. So, a keyword getting 5000 viewers might not necessarily perform the same on Youtube as well. But it’s still reliable because, as stated before, Youtube comes right behind Google in terms of a search engine. So, while your video might not get the same traffic, it will still be reasonably high as people might search it on Youtube too. 


Key Features:

  • Fast returns with keyword search volume and additional information
  • Includes queries, questions, and other similar keywords
  • Fairly easy to understand and execute is perhaps the best tool to dish out volume searches for any keyword. It can be simple words, long questions, long-tail keywords, and more. Moreover, the instant information it provides can be used against all significant search engines, including Youtube, and refined through its numerous filters. 

Also, thanks to the Chrome plug-in, the data available against each keyword will be available on the search page. You wouldn’t have to go to a separate window or install an app to use These keywords present on the page can be accumulated into a custom list. 

Since it is so valuable, its services aren’t free. You’ll get a free version with limited abilities, which can be amped up with a pro version starting at $69/month. 

6. VidIQ

Key Features:

  • Video tags suggestions
  • Helps discover keywords for videos and audit the channel
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Recommendation for Youtube video title


One can compare VidIQ to Adobe Creative Cloud because of the sheer amount of features and tools it comes with. This tool has everything from suggesting keywords for the video’s title and description to conducting thorough audits and analyses. So, instead of investing in several tools at once, you can just go for one that does it all. 

It is preferred more by serious Youtubers and channel owners who wish to see growth in their channel and aren’t hesitant to invest (although it is really cheap). This is because it provides actionable suggestions that you can carry out to outgrow competitors. You’ll also get a gist of where your audience comes from and accordingly make changes.

VidIQ is free to use, but you can subscribe to its pro version at $7.50/month for more features. 


7. TubeBuddy

Key Features:

  • Tracks how you’ve ranked in searches
  • Incomparable ranking features
  • Suggests tags that work pretty well
  • Intuitive UI


TubeBuddy is yet another all-encompassing software that features everything your Youtube videos might need. You’ll spot many features in TubeBuddy similar to VidIQ, like keyword recommendations, audits, etc. The unique feature that makes it stand out is its excellent tag suggestions. 

As soon as you list the topic, it’ll automatically suggest high-performing tags. It also shows, in real-time, how your video is performing against each tag. And you can even change the tag language! Just tap on the tags, and it’ll suggest language options – it works seamlessly for businesses operating in multiple countries.

One other feature that contributes to its uniqueness is called “Opportunities”. While SEO audits are helpful, translating them into actions is quite hard. Even interpreting potential growth stages is difficult. Thankfully, TubeBuddy does it for you. It identifies different ways, like new tags and keywords that will help your videos do better. 

The pro version starts at $7.20/month.


8. Tubics

Key Features:

  • Stepwise analysis and checklist creation for video optimization
  • Powerful keyword and tag suggestions
  • Find video’s rankings
  • Actionable instructions for SEO implementation


Tubics might have ridiculous pricing, starting right at a high price of $790 a month, but it is a tool that enabled a company like Samsung to grow its traffic by twenty percent – a ridiculously high number. So, if you wish you see similar growth in your YouTube channel, then paying its subscription fee is well worth it. 

Tubics’ suggestion tool finds tags similar to your video’s topic, and if it is right up your lane, then go for it. It even curates the labels according to the search volume, not distinct similarity. The tool ensures the tag works well by selecting them through a data-driven process. 

It also provides a straightforward set of rules to execute the best SEO practices for your channel. After or before posting the video, it thoroughly analyses it and gives suggestions using light – red, green, and yellow. You can make suitable changes based on the various aspects of the video performance on the metric. 

9. NoxInfluencer

Key Features:

  • Analyze the performance of successful channels 
  • Competitor Research other marketing channels like Instagram
  • Comes with important features like YouTube trends (with Chrome Extension)


NoxInfluencer, before anything else, is a tool that will help your channel with potential influencers and sponsors. So, using its paid version won’t really affect your video’s performance. Instead, if you seek growth, go for the free version – pro versions lock only a few features. 

The Video Analytics aspect of the tool is pretty valuable. It estimates the value of the videos and compares how much revenue your competitors are bringing with their videos. It also sets a direction for your future videos – according to how your videos have performed, you can make similar videos. 

NoxInfluencer also comes with a Video Title Analysis tool that helps create a click-worthy title. While the tool might not necessarily help your videos boost up, but it’s free, and you’ve no reason not to install it!

However, if you’re an owner of a big brand that works with influencers, the paid version starts at $30/month.


10. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Key Features:

  • Abundant keyword suggestions for your Youtube videos (more than hundreds for pro)
  • Keywords arranged by country
  • Includes a tab view keyword as a question
  • Straightforward to use


Ahrefs has always been viewed as a savior of all Youtube videos. While this SEO tool mainly works for websites, it can also be used to track Youtube keyword data, including the search volume. And if you’ve already incorporated the $99/month Ahrefs into your marketing strategy, then you’ve no reason to avoid it for your Youtube channel as well. 

However, if you only plan to use it for Youtube, the free version is enough to satisfy your needs. It’ll give you a long list of related keywords to incorporate into your channel and the specific search volume for the selected country. 

The only thing you’ll miss out on is the keyword with the lowest volume, which shouldn’t be a problem since you won’t consider it anyway. 

11. Morningfame

Key Features:

  • The suggestions are like person-esque speech and not a graph
  • Powerful keyword suggestions
  • Actionable information for SEO


You’ll notice why so many creators adore this SEO tool within minutes of using it. Unlike other tools that display the search content in scattered statistics and metrics, Morningfame l organizes it in an assembled manner (as a detailed report). 

It seems like you’re reading instructions from a person! The report is personalized with a friendly tone to take you through all the shortcomings, including tips. The tool, like others, gives you keyword suggestions that work well with the video’s title, description, and tags.

However, there is one shortcoming – it is invite-only. This means that to use the app, you’ll have to get a code from a member who’s already using it. Once you get an invite, you can enjoy it for free for 24 hours, after which you’ll have to pay $4.90/month.

12. Canva

Key Features:

  • Curate attractive thumbnails for your videos
  • The free version comes with several features
  • Numerous templates, pictures, gifs, and graphs


Canva might not strike as the most useful tool while working with Youtube optimization, but believe us, it’s imperative! Before going into anything else, a user’s eyes catch the thumbnail; if it is not appealing, they won’t ever click it; no matter how applicable the content is. 

With Canva, you can curate a great thumbnail that will draw attention and help with clicks – people love attractive videos! The free version is laden with innumerable templates, photos, and gifs to serve your professional and business needs. 

However, the pro version is well worth it, and you can enjoy access to all its features at just $9.99/month. 

13. Serpstat

Key Features:

  • Tracks the rank of all your Youtube videos
  • Analyzes the backlinks used along with providing keywords
  • Competitor research


Serpstat is another all-encompassing site known for its strong keyword researching abilities. It’ll search up high volumes and trafficked keywords that closely the channel’s topic. The tool also showcases how useful and relevant a particular video is to the base keyword you feed to it. 

The base keyword search will also return keywords with the search volumes you should target and the ones you should avoid. Serpstat will also help you analyze how the competitors are doing on the same topic, and you can incorporate the same in your videos. 

Its pro version comes at different pricing slabs. The base plan starts at $69/month and increases with the number of features offered. 


14. Google Trends

Key Features:

  • Customize subtitles and captions
  • It helps boost engagement by making it user-friendly

google trends

An SEO hack that could never go wrong is customizing the caption and subtitles for your videos. Using the right keyword and language will draw in more viewers than you realize. Sometimes videos can be hard to follow, or your words may not be clear. 

In such situations, custom captions will ensure that your audience does not leave the video because they still have access to the content. Studies have shown that engagement increases by 7% if you use it. 

While Youtube does have an auto-caption feature, it’s not always accurate and may even confuse the viewers. So customize the subtitles by going to Video Manager < Subtitles/CC < Add New Subtitles or CC.  

15. YouTube Studio

Key Features:

  • Measures the popularity of a given term
  • Helps make a comparison between two terms


If you’ve found a bunch of terms and wish to make a video about them, then first research it in Google trends! This tool will display the term’s search volume in a line chart spread across a timespan. According to the movement of the term, you can make a video.

It also prepares an absolute comparison chart between terms to help you understand which one will perform better in the future. The tool shows relative searches so that it won’t include multiple inquiries by the same person. 



1. What is SEO on YouTube?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing any Youtube video to help it to perform better. It includes using target keywords in the title, tags, and description, asking for user engagement, including a Call to Action and an eye-catching thumbnail. 

2. How can you raise your YouTube rankings?

While SEO is the best way to raise Youtube rankings, it might not always work due to the fickleness of the platform’s algorithm. You can use optimization tools that curate the video for better engagement. You can also buy youtube views cheap to bring it to the top. 

3. What are the best SEO tools for YouTube?

There are several practical SEO tools for Youtube, including:

  • Answer The Public (ATP)
  • Serpstat
  • YouTube Search Autocomplete
  • Google Keyword Planner and so many more! 

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